Our robust educational outreach programs consist of Research Investigator Start-Up Education (RISE) Reviews, Quality Assistance Reviews (QAR), educational presentations, and more.  See below to learn more about our educational outreach offerings and email ECS-HSR@pitt.edu with any additional questions.

Quality Assistance Review (QAR)

The QAR is a virtual meeting to provide education on topics such as the informed consent process, protocol eligibility, deviations, and data safety monitoring (DSM). The intent is to provide education and offer suggestions to foster regulatory compliance with IRB-approved research protocols. 

Research Investigator Start-up Education (RISE)

The RISE is an educational initiative to proactively assist investigators and their teams with identifying any potential regulatory and ethical considerations on their newly IRB-approved protocols. The best time to request a RISE is after IRB approval and prior to enrollment of the first subjects.

Good Research Practices Education

This presentation has been created to provide education on the most common Good Research Practices. It is offered virtually on a routine basis, and it is available on video.

Coffee Break with the ECS-HSR

This presentation provides the research community awareness of the various resources offered by the ECS-HSR and to address questions on matters relating to Good Clinical Practice, Clinicaltrials.gov and Investigational Drugs or Investigational Device Exemptions.